VBC Lancashire

LLR Ministries had been running community events for some time and were approached by the founder of Victory Biker Church (Rev. Brian ‘BMAN’ McKay) along with the U.K. overseer (Rev. Ben Culbertson M.A.) to investigate if a church plant of VBC would work within Lancashire. We prayerfully opened VBC Lancashire in April 2023 and a wonderful working partnership was born.

VBC Lancashire (U.K.) is a non-denominational Christian church that is designed for people from all backgrounds whatever your past. It’s not the well that needs a physician, it’s the sick. Whether you are a biker, all tattooed up, or just someone who wants to have an encounter with Jesus, we’re here for you.

We want you to come in your brokenness. Just because you sin differently than we do, doesn’t make you not welcome. You’re going to find people who are genuine and full of the Love of Jesus for you.

VBC Lancashire is a church plant of Victory Biker Church International based in Lennon, Michigan, USA. We are in partnership with VBC Maine in the USA, VBC Scotland and VBC Cornwall both in the U.K. to take the love of Jesus to the motorcycle community and the rest of the broken world. We are a brotherhood and sisterhood bound by our faith and our relationship with Jesus Christ.

We have a passion to be the church home for bikers, outcasts, misfits, and sinners of all types, a passion for family and the broken with the love of God and the true Victory of Jesus Christ.

We aim to work in unity with all Motorcycle Ministries as well as other churches and ministries to spread the Gospel and add souls to the Kingdom of Heaven. We’d love you to become part of our family.

Please see the EVENTS page for further details. Motorcycle not required!

Victory Biker Church International.