Ministry Events

It’s always an honour to serve and to be invited to share at other events. LLR Ministries hold a variety of events from dinner meetings, testimony events, musical events all with aim of evangelising. We are also often invited by other ministries to participate in events sometimes often quite a distance away…..

Pastor Cliff Chapman sharing testimony (LLR Ministries lounge)
Pete C & John Kirkby (Christians Against Poverty, Bradford)
Rev. Peter B. Cunningham at Grace Christian Church, Manchester
LLR Ministries dinner meeting in Blackpool
Rev. Peter B. Cunningham at Elohim Ministries, Nottingham
Elohim Ministries (Nottingham)
Mr C, Pete C, Spencer M and Bruno! (Jersey, FGB mission trip)
Isaiah 61 Ministries, Warrington
Cedric Barber (UNITE) and Pete C
Meeting with Ted Bruun (The Extreme Tour, Nashville, USA)
Rev. Peter B. Cunningham at Oasis Ministries, Weston-super-Mare
An audience with John James Bruce held at The Blackpool Tabernacle
Rev. Peter B. Cunningham with a few of the folks from Trinity Baptist Church in Fleetwood