The global community is very important to LLR Ministries and we have built some wonderful partnerships with church’s and ministries where we do not just support each in prayer but financial blessings.

During the pandemic LLR Ministries assisted and taught people ways in which the internet can be used for payment of bills, shopping, using social media to stay in contact with others and gathering information and of course how to listen to Lancashire’s Lighthouse Radio!

Of course as we are based in Blackpool and with tourism being very important to the town we are actively involved in various ‘clean-up’ operations whether on the beach or streets. Each Monday between 11:00am and 1:00pm we hold a ‘Spiritual’ drop in at Spencer Court Community Centre (FY1 3TW) where we offer tea, coffee, biscuits and more importantly a listening ear. Here is a link to the Facebook group :-

LLR Ministries are also involved in care homes and regularly visit the elderly with doll therapy sessions.

Pram and Doll therapy uses reborn dolls and vintage prams to go into care homes by invitation to see the residents. This is great for the residents as it encourages memory recollection and mobility if they want to push the prams. The residents also engage with dolls, talking and even singing to them. The prams are also great for memory recollection as these were the prams they would have used with there own children.

It is wonderful how The Lord has used our personal interest in restoring vintage prams. The reborn dolls came along purely for photographs. We discovered a local ‘vintage pram’ group who met up and we saw an elderly lady who had dementia with her daughter and seeing how she reacted to the dolls gave us the idea to contact care homes.

To say it has been a tremendous success really is an understatement.

It is a pleasure to be led and to serve The Lord.