Interested in a having chaplain within your organisation?

Interested in training to become a chaplain?

Currently LLR Ministries have two trained chaplains in the UK but have been in talks with William Hodge (Founder and Director) of Great Commission United and Rev. Ben Culbertson GCU UK director (Theo Ministries) since Rev. Peter B. Cunningham became a chaplain after partaking in their training program and then being elected as a director himself in the UK.

Pete and Ben have been investigating ways in which GCU UK could be altered to work here as the laws and practices differ between the two countries. We are confident that in 2023 we will have a working model and be offering the GCU Chaplaincy Training course to those who would like to explore what Father God has planted within them.

Our GCU trained chaplains at this moment reside in Lancashire (Rev. Peter B. Cunningham) and Cornwall (Rev. Ben Culbertson) and will be happy to assist in your organisation as a chaplain.

To answer the two most asked questions please read on.

What is a chaplain?

Simply put chaplains are there to offer spiritual and pastoral care, such as but not limited to:-

To listen with respect and without judgment.
Provide emotional and spiritual support.
Offering comfort in times of spiritual distress and anxiety.
Joining you and your family in prayer.
Helping loved ones cope with loss.

Conducting worship and administering sacraments.
Performing other religious ceremonies and services.

How much is this going to cost us?

As for the training we have yet to finalise this. The service, well, that’s up to you. Like every other service LLR Ministries offer we do not set a fee but leave it for you to bless the individual and/or LLR Ministries.

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