The ‘LLR Ministries’ Mission Statement

A global beacon of positive messages for all the family through music, verse and experience’

LLR Ministries came into being in mid 2020, three years after the vision for Lancashire’s Lighthouse Radio (LLR) was revealed.

In April 2018 Lancashire’s Lighthouse Radio started broadcasting globally and sharing the message that the love of Jesus Christ is for all.

It quickly grew into something much bigger as The Lord blessed the ministry.

Matthew, Mark, Luke and John all state the following:-

‘And he said to them, “Follow me and I will make you fishers of men”.

This verse played a major part in the direction that the programming should take, to ‘fish’ for all God’s children requires variety.

Therefore, content varies ranging from chat, poetry, testimony, interviews and music (varying in genre including Christian and ‘positive message’ secular) and has something for all tastes and age groups.

We describe ourselves as a positive message radio station run by Christians and broadcast 24hrs a day, through live shows and pre-recorded content using DJ 2LR (our auto-DJ).

LLR Ministries is involved various projects not just locally but globally. During the COVID-19 ‘lockdown’ period we assisted in the set up of live social media broadcasts.

A key area within the church is the ability to display song lyrics and scripture, LLR Ministries are able to offer free open-source software and training in this area.

Locally we are active in litter picks and in care homes we regularly visit the elderly with doll therapy sessions.

LLR Ministries are more than happy to continue serving The Lord in whatever area He guides us to.

God bless,

The LLR Ministries Family.