Week Commencing 23rd January 2023

Sermon Time: Pastor Cliff Chapman (Grace Christian Church, Manchester. UK) – Hear Him.

The Living Room: We present to you a truly tremendous trio of testimonies! Colin Pownall (Bikers Church UK/CMA), and courtesy of HTV Ministries Kim Smith and Shelton Stewart. Also because we love you all so much we a very special testimony from Sam ‘Machine Gun Preacher’ Childers.

Week Commencing 30th January 2023

Sermon Time: Sam ‘Machine Gun Preacher’ Childers (C/O Victory Biker Church Intl, Michigan. USA) – Listen!

The Living Room: Pastor Cliff Chapman brings us a lesson of encouragement.

Week Commencing 6th February

Sermon Time: Pastor Reza Safa (TBN Nejat TV) – Sons Of God.

The Living Room: Jabu Talks. Join Jabu as we talk about Bible topics including prophecy, revelation, salvation, prayer and a whole host of other relevant subjects.

Week Commencing 13th February

Sermon Time: Mary Walsh M.A. (The Ark, Radcliffe, Manchester. UK) – Grumble Grumble, Never Humble.

The Living Room: Courtesy of FGB Warrington we bring you the testimony of Mark Saunders. From pop star to Jesus. Mark shares how his dream quickly turned into a nightmare until Jesus rescued him from self destruction.

Week Commencing 20th February

Sermon Time:

The Living Room: