You can make this year,
Whatever you want it to be.
You can spend time in the word;
Or watch Netflix on TV.

Your life is in God’s hands;
But you have power to choose.
You can choose a path to righteousness;
Or a path where you lose.

Have a blessed 2022.

Written by Spencer M.
January 2022 ©

‘A Prayer

A prayer can be like having a conversation with a friend;
As Jesus always knows, the beginning and the end.

You can speak to him, at any given time;
You can share anything, that comes to mind.

Some make it formal and stand on their knees;
but this all depends on what you believe.

Some say the Lord’s prayer, because he knows your need;
but you can say whatever you need to succeed.

It doesn’t need to be long, it could be a second or two;
It all depends on what you say or do.

Written by Spencer M

June 2017 ©

‘A New Creed

Instead of celebrating special days;
Celebrate the Lord everyday with praise.
Be thankful for the gift of living;
And return thanks with the art of giving.

Even a smile can blessed the receiver;
Turning the unbeliever into a believer.
With just one simple act of kindness;
Can change the heart of those with blindness.

So focus on giving and take eyes off self;
And return negative thoughts to the shelf.
Spread joy and happiness to those in need;
And start every morning with this new creed.

Written by Spencer M
December 2020 ©

‘A New Beginning

Everyday you awake it’s a new beginning;
Be thankful to God and start it by winning.
A new day a new hope to start afresh;
As you prayer to God to cleanse sins of the flesh.

You can awake everyday and take life for granted;
Like you have a right to life, like a seed that was planted.
But we are only alive because of God’s grace;
So always be thankful to see your own face.

We don’t have to wait until the year end;
To make new resolutions or a new friend.
We are given that chance when we awake everyday;
To thank God for life as you kneel and prayer.

Written by Spencer M
December 2019 ©