I thought I would share a brief report of the events at Elohim Ministries Conference in Nottingham. It was AWESOME!

Seriously though, it was a blessing, a difficult topic for me personally as it was not really an area I have studied, ‘Law & Grace’. However the message was received well and it was nice to see everyone getting involved in one way or another. Here’s to next years!

We also managed to record all the messages from the weekend and these will be broadcast soon. Keep checking back here for details. Many thanks to Bishop Richards for allowing me to be a part of Elohim Ministries.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved within LLR Ministries and Lancashire’s Lighthouse Radio for making it the success it is, don’t get get me wrong I/we are fully aware that God is fully in control, in fact we wouldn’t have it any other way. It is all for His glory.

The above image features Rev. Peter B. Cunningham receiving his Great Commission United Chaplaincy & Discipleship certificate and accreditation. He is now a senior Chaplain and UK Director of Communications. This is in addition to his upcoming ordination from IGO Fellowship of Ministers.

Although in saying that, I am completely aware that you, the listener/supporter are equally as important to LLR’s success as we are, we volunteer our time to put the programs together and you volunteer your time to listen!

Over 188 countries have found LLR to date, can you believe it?

The Lord called, we listened, He equipped, we obeyed. It was always a recipe for a successful ministry.

Thank you God.

Thank you ‘The LLR-M family’.

Thank you ALL.

God bless each and every one of you,

Rev. Peter B. Cunningham.