As Lancashire’s Lighthouse Radio celebrates three years of broadcasting on 4th April we will also be brining two new programs and a revised schedule for that week. As our audience increases in both listener numbers and countries I am sure you are aware that we strive to accommodate you wherever you are in this wonderful creation of The Lords and after spending many hours studying every LLR statistic at our disposal and listening to you – the listener, we believe this new schedule encompasses each and every detail we have learnt. Of course we have thought every schedule produced was good, and they were, but as new presenters and programs come it does require some manoeuvrability within the programs. The new revised schedule will commence on Monday 5th April and be made public one week previous to this date.

Lancashire’s Lighthouse Radio and LLR Ministries are really excited for what our fourth year of broadcasting is going to bring, one detail is definite and will never change though. Everything we do is given to God, received from God and all for God. He is worthy.