In March 2013 I personally witnessed a miracle. My son Jacobe was born and all seemed normal, that was until I noticed a brown/yellow foam type liquid coming out of his mouth and to me he was struggling with breath. My wife was being tended to by the nurses, I posed the question and alarms followed. The doors swung open and Jacobe was took away.

In the following hour I grew frustrated. What was happening? I asked more questions although no updates came. Without going into too much detail my wife and I were told to expect the worst. Not on my watch I thought.

My wife was still being treated after a tough labour. Eventually I was allowed to see Jacobe and I was greeted by strange noises and this small bundle of love with varying tubes and wires entering an incubator with him in it.

I prayed. As did many.

Jacobe is now seven years of age. Praise God.